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What Is Your Makeup Routine

What Is Your Makeup Routine

Winter is near, it`s an alarm for you so you need to take due care of your skin. If you are engaged in a field where you have to be presentable, surely you have to apply makeup for enhancing your features and looking competent enough. Also if you visit a college or a high school daily, you need to know more about makeup that makes your way best. If you need a proper guidance and you`re doing makeup for the first time, you`re on the right way. It`s not mandatory that if you`re doing makeup for the first time you should read or go through this blog, if you`re a learner and do makeup on a daily basis with perfectionist skills, you should read it. You might be confused what to apply first and how to blend them? It`s ok to learn and there`s nothing wrong in learning instead of wasting your time and money. You need to consider your skin type before purchasing your beauty products.  

Remove the crap sitting in your makeup bag and go for the reliable and quality products. You should also know how to use these products. Here is the step by step chronologically defined process of doing makeup.

1) Apply Foundation:

Now before applying, you should first know about the types of foundation which you should buy. Foundation varies for different skin types. Whether you apply it with your hand or the brush, the process will remain the same. Foundation can vary with skin type, it could be for oily makeup, tinted or moisturizer foundation, pore less matte foundation, velvet touch foundation, whipped foundation, moussed foundation, powdered compact foundation, stick foundation and you can see other many types of foundation. Apply it onto your face with your finger or brush in 4 spots on your face. Blend it smoothly with your hand or your brush so that every part or pore of your face is covered. Having a foundation which restores your beauty and take due care of your skin is essential. The care along with the cure gives a best result. Also make sure that your neck is of the same complexion as your face. Choose foundation which looks natural and goes with your complexion or skin tone. Blend your foundation back and forth on your forehead, cheeks, jawlines, nose and chin.

2) Conceal:

No one has a perfect and flawless skin. Every skin has dark circles, dark spots and freckles. For hiding these spots concealer is applied. Always choose and buy the type of concealer which fits best on your purpose of using it. It makes your face look indispensable and remove away the tiredness your face bears no matter how longer you`ve slept. It could be a powder, cream, stick, lipstick or in any form. It makes your skin look brighter and fresh. The finishing and blending is all how you make it look like. The better the finishing more perfect and flawless the result is. Always consider concealer for your skin type. Always go for liquid concealer when you want a wider coverage and want it to stay longer. Liquid makes it look light and natural. If you don`t have such dark spots and want to cover a small or narrow area, go for the stick or compact concealer. If you are using it with a foundation, apply the foundation appropriately first then apply the concealer on the desired areas. While selecting the shade of the concealer also consider the weather and the season. The color of the concealer should be close to your skin color and it gives your skin a healthy touch. A little brighter to your skin will suit the best.

3) Bronze Your Skin:

Bronzing your skin is the essential part of today`s makeup. You can clearly see that the result of contoured makeup is way better than the previous makeup techniques. It is techniques which clears your way and make you look different and unique. Apply onto to your cheekbones because cheekbones should be defined. Bronzers should be applied to your cheekbones, jaw lines and upper part of your forehead. Bronzing your skin makes it look natural and adds a shape to your face. Focus on the apples of your cheeks by smiling and then apply to your cheeks, jawline, cheekbone and the upper part of forehead to make it look natural. Majority of them are in the form of pressed powder. There are numerous ways to apply to your skin, one include making a fish face and applying it onto your hairline and jawline. Always pre-blend it for the best result. It has now become an essential part of today`s makeup requirement.

4) Lipstick:

Lipstick is like adding a cherry on the top of the cupcake. It adds color to your face and gives a soothing look. A colored lips look far better than the normal one. Lipsticks are of many types. It varies from the texture, shade and type. A matte lipstick could be used for giving a matte coverage which doesn`t look shimmery or glossy. If you like the smudge look, go for the matte lipstick. Nowadays matte glosses are easily available which does the same work. Moisturizing lipsticks could be used if your lips are dry and you need to make them feel loved with sheer and moisturizer, moisturizing lipstick or gloss is a good option. If you like a creamy texture which stays up long and gives a creamy look, you should go for creamy lipsticks. The satin lipstick is something that every woman should own, it gives a sheer and different look. The color you choose for lipstick describes your personality best. If you go for the dark colors it describes how wild and enthusiastic your personality is. On the other hand, if you go for the light shades, it describes how soft-hearten and polite your personality is. Branded lipsticks are good for the quality of your lips.

5) Mascara or Liner:

Without applying mascara or lining up lashes your makeup doesn`t look complete. Having a huge volume on your mascara looks the most attractive thing. Similarly, liner do the same work. If you haven`t applied an eye liner your makeup looks incomplete and it gives a very dry and dead look. A winged liner or a normal liner adds a look to your eyes. It looks bigger and prominent. A mascara which gives volume to your eyelashes looks good and attracts others towards your eyes. A liner could be of multiple types and could be applied in multiple styles. A liquid or gel liner is good if you want it to look fresh and shiny all day long. A matte eye pencil could also be applied as an eye liner because it gives a casual yet beautiful look. You can even blend it your way. Liner could be applied from the brush depending upon the type of eyeliner and it could be applied with the liner tip too.  A kajal eyeliner can also be applied if you want a prominent look. Moreover, the best thing is that eyeshades could also be used as an eye liner.


Written by: Alizaay Waseem