7 Recipes without Egg

To use fresh cabbage and carrot and wash first. Cut it into cubic style. Now place a pan at a low flame and place some water inside. Add vegetables and leave for 20 minutes. Now take vegetables out into the bowl and by adding black pepper, salt, green chilies and olive oil. 

Apartment Living

Apartment is basically a group of flats designed to form a single residence where diversified people are living. Apartment living is simply a different life style than other living styles. It has its own dimensions, complications, requirements and its own joys with numerous benefits. Like every life style apartment living has its pros and cons too. 

4 Winter Detox Which You Must Try

Detox is a mixture of vegetables and fruits in your daily consumption of water. It`s not certainly about any kind of juice. The freshness of fruits and vegetables keeps it healthy and full of life. The minerals and vitamins are then absorbed by the water and it works actively on your body. After a warm bath, you need to consume something which gives a warm feel to your stomach.

Are You Flooded With Fashion

The way you carry yourself is fashion. People think fashion is only about buying and carrying brands in different forms, but actually not. It is not only about brands but it is about how you carry those things with you even if they`re not branded. It is expressing yourself with the following trends. It enhances you, your life, your personality and everything that gives you pleasure, and we believe it is worth doing if it makes you happy.

10 Most Beautiful Places of the World

If you have time and wealth, you can do anything and nothing will stop you from doing it. The most difficult task is from where to start. The beautiful places are comprising of both man made and natural places. How can you decide which highest dreamy mountains, longest valley, a beautiful lake, or greenery is the most beautiful and it is worth going? Certainly, you cannot distinguish and decide any one.

Is Animal Testing Necessary

Vivo testing, animal testing, and animal experiment thus there are many other names for this terminology. Animal testing plays a significant role in biomedical sciences to find out cures for the dangerous diseases by testing medicines on animals. Some people consider it as a heartless activity or usually people with pet.

Are You A Chocolate Lover

Are you feeling depressed? Are you anxious? Are you worried about something? If yes, don`t need to worry, buy a chocolate bar, wrap it out, and eat it all. Believe it or not, it is way more effective than any medication. It is a natural healer.

Advertising A Blessing Or A Curse

It is a topic which is widely debated by viewers and producers. Producers believe that there is no other way of promoting their products or services other than advertisement and they are also paying a handful amount for this promotional tool. 

Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

Pass a smile, small gesture of kindness, small victory, waking up early, make your bed, exercise daily, read a book, believe in you, stop comparing, small talk with friends and family, believe in nature, being an optimist, becoming realistic, be patient, motivate yourself and there are many more stuff and lessons which you should adopt in life.

Healthy Body Vs Healthy Mind

To retain a happy life two things should be balanced a healthy mind and healthy body. According to the history of human revolution health of human body and the health of human mind are interrelated, because God made us in that way that every organ is connect with the other one. If mind is not in proper condition so the body is not in also, and vice versa. Healthy body and healthy minds are perfect product for the happy life. If one of it imbalances, life would be boring and colorless.  Living with healthy body with unhealthy mind is something like eating hot dog without mustard sauce. It is necessary that healthy mind and healthy body should be flexible, and should be balanced. There are many ways through which you can make healthy mind in the healthy body.