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Ways to Become a Better Writer

Who is a writer? A person who loves to write on anything, an individual who wrote books, blogs, articles, summary, descriptions, points, notes, information, novels, study guides and many other things is known as a writer. There are many ways in which one can become a better and a good writer. Most of the people have the same question that, what you can do just by writing, my answer on this issue is that we can earn through writing, we can adequately express what we feel and our feeling. It is not just concerned with the earning, moreover you explore yourself and know where you stand. You can also learn about your self-esteem level and what you feel about yourself. I think writing is the utmost way of expressing your idea, thoughts and perception, where you’re free to write, think and shape it in the form of however you like it. We are always concern with a writer what he/she will suggest how to become a better writer? The writer suggests two things that are reading and writing. A person should also exhibit the traits of being a good listener along with a good reader. You perceive things through listening or reading. Reading is one of the best ways to enhance the writing skills, through reading we come to know the different writing styles, voice forms, and genres of writing. And writing is the obvious one since practice makes a man perfect. There are many ways through which you become a better writer and they are as follows:

1. Write Whatever You Want

Most of the new writers are scared to write anything because maybe they set their limits to write. Sometimes we have to be limitless; we have to write what we want, and how we want. You have your mind, and it can think that what is relatable or whatnot, and that’s the think through which you can make the finest piece of literature. People want something that is related to their life, or which can fulfill their requirements. Always go for your area of expertise and mood. The interest you develop in something could never be provoked by anyone else in you. It’s you who decide where you want to lead and you are your own director.

2. Attack Emotionally

The best weapon in this world is a nuclear weapon that’s what military personnel said, but according to the writer, the best weapon is the gun full of emotions. Most of the time writer forget this term “feelings.” We can play with this weapon very well to attract the readers and viewers very, and that is the most amazing way to become a better writer. You could best deal with people in this way. Grab their attention towards your content and attack them emotionally. Write something so realistic and full of facts that a person might wish to see or meet an author. The energy level, the excitement, the feeling in the story, blog or anything should be added in such a way that it might left in the reader’s mind for days. Not everyone in emotionally intelligent. Always rush to deliver the best and concluding the best with some sort of learning while emotionally attacking people. People are made up of emotions and feelings and if the content is being read by full attention or excitement.

3. Stay Funny

Some topics of the content tend to be funnier, and people want some sarcasm in some blogs. Most of the people want something which is funny and sarcastic, and that’s how they find it funny and enjoy it by reading it. Normally, not all the content are funny, but it comes to the topic of India & Pakistan World Cup it becomes more hilarious automatically. Hence, it is the best way to divert the traffic to your content and become a good and better writer. A funny touch is also essential because humor is must to be added. People enjoy different modes of an author or writer. The funny touch is the best because it is usually full

of fantasies, sarcasm and making fun out of things. Imagine readers are laughing as hell on your written material or on the scenario you’ve created.

4. Become Story Teller

Nowadays, most of the children used to learn contents on the internet, and they want something which is like a story. Most of the topics are related to the kids, and the writer commonly writes on this subject. The best way to write on these topics is to make it like a story and become a storyteller. That is the most efficient way to become a better writer. Stories are like fairytale which is good to read and to learn to lessen. It’s not an easy task to become a story teller and express in your own words. You have to go through the entire content and then have to highlight the major areas and main supporting details and ignore the rest. Now figuring out what’s important and what’s not is not an easy task. Identifying and expressing in your own way marks its importance. And for grabbing the utmost attention you need to become a good story teller.

5. Read A lot

Make a habit of reading, we’re always tend to speak out louder and giving our opinion about everything revolving around. Make a habit of reading and analyzing as it enhances your skills, thinking ability, critically analyzing and everything that’s essential for development. It is examined that people who read daily from any source whether newspaper, magazine or any sort of information online are tend to be more active and with better IQ. Always read what’s new and explore the emerging diseases, explore the new inventions, explore yourself and the surrounding. By reading a lot you are well aware and updated about the activities, events and whatever is going on around the globe. It’s always good and beneficial to read and spread the word.

Written By: Alizaay Waseem