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Tips for Sports Photography

First of all, most of the people don’t have any idea what is photography? And what photographer do. Photography is a kind of art, which is usually done to capture the most mesmerizing moments and to make your life full of those ravishing memories. The photographers are used to click pictures irrespective of caste, color, culture and creed. The photographer may belong to any religion, caste, culture, race, color etc. he/she might be a wild life photographer, or a real life photographer. He/she might love to capture nature and showing you different colors of nature. Or showing you a real aspect of life. Every photographer has expertise in a different kind of photography. Like there are many types of photography, e.g., sports, wildlife, wedding, fashion and much more. Some loves to make your day more special by capturing candid photographs and covering every step of your wedding. The wedding photography is always full of moments that are filled with love and immense feelings. What else do you want? Right after looking at those pictures, poses and candid you’ll be lost in recalling those memories again. The most famous and well-renowned type of photography is sports photography. You can’t just be fond of watching sports and covering each and every match of sports whether its football, basketball, squash, table tennis, cricket, badminton, volleyball and many innumerous games and sporty activities which are broadcasted. It’s very necessary to cover the entire event so that the viewer don’t lose their interest and they could see each and every aspect of it. There are many good sports photographers, who are the inspiration for the others. On the internet, there are many tips which are very useful, but some of them are just compelling as a rock.

1. Figure Out Your Camera

The most important and essential thing is that to understand your camera and its nature. Sports photography is not a matter of kids. To learn how to do sports photography first, you need to learn about how to use the camera (DSLR). In sports photography, we have to work fast and faster. You must have an idea of its settings, especially when you are working with fast moving objects. You need to change aperture, lenses, shutter speed, and much more thing to do because it’s a sports photography. Before you start sports photography, you need to use your camera as much as possible. You need to be very sure and specific about selecting a camera. It could be a simple camera, it could be a multi-functioning camera or a single purpose camera. Nobody wants to compromise on the quality, pixels and the result of the picture of video when it comes to themselves. Choose your camera very wisely according to the level of interest you possess.

2. Maintain ISO & Shutter Speed

For the better sports photography, you need to learn the relationship between ISO and Shutter Speed. Through ISO, we can control the amount of light according to our requirement. The ISO should be 100 for sports photography, and even in the stadium as it brightens up in the night we need to set ISO 100. The function shutter speed is used to capture the objects, and it set higher to capture the fast moving objects. It is for the day sports events. The fast moving objects should also be captured in a proper way like when a ball is passed on to a cricketer, the pitch, speed, distance and the border line of the bowler should be clear because the audiences are also judging the scenario. We give our judgments more quickly than the umpire. Therefore, maintaining the ISO and shutter speed is necessary and very important while considering sport photography. See, it maintains and develops interest and attention when the view is clear and full of suspense. Also get the one purpose shutter speed and ISO for covering the best out of the stadium or the pitch of the ground.

3. You Need Zoom Lenses

If you are purchasing DSLR and lenses for the sports photography, then you will go to need the full frame camera and zoom lenses. There are various brands of cameras and lenses as well. Like canon has a huge variety of different lenses like 70-200mm f/2.8L, and many other lenses are available in the house of a canon. This lens is IS lens, IS means image stabilization. This option is beneficial that it reduces the shakiness in the picture. This option is helpful when you are shooting without a tripod. It helps you with the clarity of the image. Zooming in and zooming out is very imortant for the bird eye catching scenario. We want to judge, review and interpret whether it’s an out or not. Whether it’s a goal or not. Whether it was on time or not. Whether it was fair or not. Always consider a good camera which is reliable with the zoom in and zoom out. Sometimes the situation is indecisive and nobody is making a decision without analyzing the situation and for analyzing a zoom lense is an essential part of photography.

4. Be Ready

When you are covering a sports event, you need to be willing and energetic, because sometimes you have captured those shots which is very hard to click, and that requires speedy action. Some you just need to set the focus and your camera on a tripod, and you are just waiting to click the shutter button. All you need is just a good angle and excellent equipment. Always be ready and never take candid because sport is different from the real life, wedding and wild life photography. Always be ready to capture the situation. The stadium should be fully covered while capturing pictures of a sport because it shows the real and beautiful view. The range should be covered as a whole. The tripod stand should be fully utilized and make the best use of the angle which you are asked to cover.

Written by: Alizaay Waseem