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Healthy Body Vs Healthy Mind

Healthy Body Vs Healthy Mind

To retain a happy life two things should be balanced a healthy mind and healthy body. According to the history of human revolution health of human body and the health of human mind are interrelated, because God made us in that way that every organ is connect with the other one. If mind is not in proper condition so the body is not in also, and vice versa. Healthy body and healthy minds are perfect product for the happy life. If one of it imbalances, life would be boring and colorless.  Living with healthy body with unhealthy mind is something like eating hot dog without mustard sauce. It is necessary that healthy mind and healthy body should be flexible, and should be balanced. There are many ways through which you can make healthy mind in the healthy body.

1) Eat Healthy:

For healthy body and healthy mind you just requires a healthy food and the healthy fats. There are many types of healthy food and other stuff as well. For healthy body you need all kinds of fats and nutrients. Everything consist of different kind of fats, like fast food contains oil fats, and at some extent it is good for the body and mind too. Nutrients helps you to grow well. What you need for the healthy mind is different vitamins that makes your nerves and tissues healthy. For healthy mind, healthy food is essential. Feel the need to taste new food and adore it by choosing your new favorite meal. Your mind works in the same quality as that of the food you eat. Eating has a lasting impact on your body.

2) Daily Meditation:

Experience the nature, and relaxing early in the morning is the best blessing and the best way to make your body and mind healthier. Meditation is the natural way to release all the tensions and clear your mind and improve your body language. By breathing in and out you release your stress from the body and mind as well. There are many other exercises which you can do, but the best option the healthy mind and body is meditation. Take some time out for the exercise, your body needs it somehow. Exercising daily has numerous benefits as it keeps both mind and body fit and active. Don’t be drowsy and too lazy for meditation. Whenever you’re engaging yourself in some mindful activity which gives you a stress free feeling, do it. Consider and always welcome the opportunities because it never comes again and again. 

3) Therapy:

So when it come to the word therapy, people think that they need to concern with doctor, but actually it’s another kind of therapy. Many people likes shopping, gaming, sports, book reading, studying thus for them their most liked hobby is a kind of therapy for them. Hobbies are the kind of therapy for them to be healthy. And so that anyone can be healthy through this. Anything that gives a relief from work and make you feel good is a therapy. Some people find joy in cooking while some in gardening, others in driving, singing, playing instruments, debating, speaking, sleeping and the list goes on. Therapy could be of any kind whether mental or physical. For a healthy mind, a healthy body is required. Any of your leisure time activity which soothes you and gives you a feeling of happiness and blessing, is a therapy for you. Once you have realized it, stick to it.

4) Do Creativity:

Like your mind is the wealthiest thing in your body. You can do anything creatively as you like to do. There are many different things which are incomplete by your creative thinking. You can relate the unrelated ideas and come up with unpredictable things. This will helps you to make your mind healthy and the efforts you do while you doing this, this makes your body healthy as well. Creative minds are very rare. Everyone has some unique attribute and having a creative mind, or a nature which accompanies creativity is a blessing though. Whenever you feel low and want to charge yourself, do something creative which keeps you up and charges. Creativity is coming up with a new and good idea. The idea should be for the betterment of others as well. It should not violate the norms of the culture. Invent something new and make it viral. Feel the fame and the invention will be credited to you.

5) Keep Travelling:

The best way to be healthy from mind and body is that you can do travelling. By visiting different places in the world you can experience the different angle of life. Through this experience you can enjoy your life, and the basic element of happy life is healthy mind and body. Travelling makes you feel refreshed and gives you an energy you cannot gain from any other thing. What could be more fascinating than witnessing the beauty of nature and admiring the greenery with free hand? Travelling makes you realize the reality and purpose of life. Life isn’t boring. There are beautiful places in the world, even tiny little thing can lead a lasting impact on you and your life. Don’t just get stuck into a rut. Take holidays and start travelling. There couldn’t be any better way of enjoying life than travelling.

6) Humor

It is a unique quality of being amusing and comic. A person should always be aware of the current scenario and affairs revolving around his circle. A good humor is the most demanded quality when you are looking for a correct and reliable mate, friend or for any other thing. Humor guarantees to change the mood and temper of the listener. A person should have the ability to find the funny attribute out of the desired thing. It should be found whenever necessary, not on a serious mode. Humor classifies the level of thinking that how a person perceives things. Humor is present in every person’s body just as a secretion of hormone. The quality of being amused and making others amused of a humor is not found in everyone. It varies on the situation like how the scenario is. But for a healthy mind possessing a serious attitude every time is not good for health. A person should have a good sense of humor.  

7) Social Support

In today’s world, it is not difficult to get yourself connected to friends and family. You always manage time for those whom you love and for those with whom you enjoy the time. It is all about prioritizing. Are you stuck in work and your busy routine doesn’t allows you to socially interact with your loved ones? Take a leave and plan a trip or make some time out of your routine for your social life. You’ll become nothing but mentally tired and frustrated because of the hectic routine. Social support is your basic need. You cannot ignore the importance of social support as you need it in every success or failure of life. There couldn’t be any other thing than this.

8) Take Time to Enjoy

Life is very short to enjoy. It is limited and you are already very serious towards it. The fact is that your realistic and serious behavior is required for your profession and career. It is the professional demand but for keeping your mind healthy and free from all sought of burdens, you need to maintain work life balance. You need to learn how to be happy when the things are against you. The time which is enjoyed now will never come back. The moment passes but memories stays therein. Get some time to enjoy the beautiful and joyous moments of life which never ever comes back.

9) Talking to Others

Talking to others often helps us towards knowing ourselves. There are things or attributes about ourselves which we are unaware of. Talking to others about yourself and getting known what others perceive about you might help you overcoming your flaws and highlighting your talents and skills. Talking to others on the most versatile topic “life” makes you learn facts and experiences of life. Life isn’t actually how you perceive it, on the contrary it is how people experiences and go through the difficulties and still smile. Sometimes you need to talk to others for feeling good and for getting yourself refreshed.  

10) Self Recognition

Knowing and appreciating one-self is the biggest blessing. Everyone is gifted with some unique attributes by God. Some intellectual people have a high self-esteem that keeps them confident about their recognition. People who are confident about themselves knows their way and their attitude remains positive towards life. Learning is the phase of life which never stops, we learn through our mistakes. Self-recognition is the most important aspect you should consider before getting yourself into any work. When you believe you can do it, this is the time when you can do it.

Written by: Alizaay Waseem