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Do You Care About Your Skin

The first thing in your body which should be considered is your skin. Skin is the most delicate and sensitive part of your body. We need to keep our skin healthy and clean. It comprises of layers and they should be set clean as for taking care of your skin. Keeping our skin healthy is extremely important for a healthy life.  It acts as a protection to environmental hazard. Our body largely comprises of skin. It is the coverage to our organs therefore, it acts as a raincoat to our organs. Our skin breathes and reacts to temperature. How odd does it look to imagine yourself without wearing a skin? It looks amazingly strange! Our skin is a lively feature that needs to be take care of.

There are few ways by which you can keep your skin clean and can take due care of your skin. They are as follows:

1) Use Clean Hands

Always use clean hands on to your body and face. Make it as your habit as you touch anything or anywhere, you need to wash your hands first as it is highly necessary for you. You should be the first who is supposed to be nice with your skin and a healthy skin is a happy skin. It`s easy to keep your skin clean but it`s also easy to take it for granted. It is constantly protecting you and keeping you safe from infections. Always try to wash your hands with warm water as all the greasy items, the germs, and every other contamination can be easily washed off. Use a bar of soap or a hand wash for procuring this process. Wash it carefully and gently, the palm, the wrist, the nails and both of the sides of the hands. Dry it with a clean towel when done. Make sure that the towel is clean otherwise washing your hands with these preventive measures will go useless. Make sure that your children are away from the germs and they have a habit of washing their hands nicely. There are loads of products available at the shelf of skin care. Try to utilize them.

2) Apply Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Our skin needs to be moisturized. It is in the pollution, dust, wind and in an open environment. It needs to eradicate the contaminated elements and wants to revitalize its significance. With pimples, you feel like you need scrubbing to get rid out of it but actually you`re breaking out your skin more. Sunscreen with spf15 is essential for daily use if you go out at work or at a school or high school. It protects your skin and leaves it clean and dirt-free. Add a drop of sunscreen in your daily routine. It will keep you away of germs and will protect your skin. If you have a dark or itchy skin with marks, it can be lighten up with the help of nourishment and moisturizing. Whenever you`re choosing a moisturizer, try to choose with relevance to your skin type then perfumed and good quality. Before using any product directly onto your skin, apply it first on your wrist or arm so that you could be much aware of the allergies and issues.

3) Hide It From The High Sun Rays

There is a time when the sun rays are harmful for your body. We agree that some vitamins can only be absorbed by the body through sunlight but similarly, there are some rays which are to be omitted by a human body. Don`t always open or show your body to the sun. The rays are very harmful when no greenery or nature is around. It`s good to absorb the sunlight during winter as our body needs it and the deficiency is to be fulfilled by the sunlight. On the contrary, whenever you`re travelling in scorching heat, you don`t need to absorb the sunlight because your skin could get damage because of it. And sometimes it results in sunburn and many more infections and marks that continuously remains on your skin. 

4) Body Wraps

There are plentiful ways of using body wraps. Such as covering it on the applied area and giving it a warm and pleasant touch. For entrapping the heat of the body and for the best results, your entire body could be wrapped in a plastic or foiled blanket considering in mind that body should be wholly covered. Mostly the wraps contain products such as oil seeds, moisturizers, cleansers, antioxidant masks, clay, seaweed etc. body wrap gives an ultimate result of deep cleaning. A body can absorb the necessary products which are to be sent to your body during a deep wrap. Wraps are available in market which are highly affordable and redundant to germs and impurities. Body wraps gives you a very pleasant and warm atmosphere and breathtaking result too. The skin care products in the market are available for you.

5) Body Massage

It is not necessary that you should visit a salon and spend hundreds of dollars for the massage. You can do it yourself too. Just a little learning is required and it comprises of many benefits. You just need to massage in the right direction. The massage results in not only good, glowy and healthy skin but also results in the better peace of mind and you feel fresh as your blood circulation becomes normal and mood becomes pleasant. The benefits include that it simulates your sweat gland, regulates your blood circulation, it serves and facilitates your nerve ends when massaged properly, results in healthy and soft supple skin which is more resistant to infection and other emerging diseases. Massage greatly results in reducing the stress level a person is facing in his/her conscious or unconscious mind.

Moreover, your skin requires full attention and care. If you don`t care about your skin, it will never care about your appearance and health. Always keep it hydrated, moisturized and resistant of rays and infections.


Written by: Alizaay Waseem