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Are We On The Right Path Of Fitness

Fitness is not a destination; it is a way of life?

Do you sleep properly? Do you eat properly? Do you exercise properly? Are you aware that what are the essentials for your body? If not, you’re not on the right path of fitness. Are you aware of how your routine should be carried if concerned about the fitness and your activities? You really need to work on these areas then. But why to put efforts in this area? When to put? And most importantly how to put these efforts to get adequate results? What are the risks and how will you eradicate the risks?
People have misconceptions about what fitness is basically. Is it about lifting loads of weights regularly? Doing sprints daily? It is not all about these things. Fitness is basically a conduct, a way, a manner of carrying yourself, a state of being capable to perform tasks in daily life and importantly a gateway to self-satisfaction and happiness. Fitness is not only about strengthening your body, it is also about strengthening your mind. Mental relaxation is more important than physical fitness. You mind should be healthier and free from all sought of chaos. Don’t follow any fitness routine and think that you’re going right way.
But how to start the journey of fitness, what to do and what not, how to do and how much time to spend, all these questions has been apple of discord in our society for a long period of time. It will not remain the same for now. Ones who are coming across this blog can get updated and relevant knowledge about these questions. Following are some of the points which can provide directions and leads you to the right path of fitness.
An investment in knowledge results the best interest
If you want to stay you want to stay fit. First and foremost step is to gather knowledge about fitness, exercises, diet, nutrition, and your body. Every human is distinct, so as everyone’s behavior and body. Using basic fitness techniques may or may not work on your body. You need to move on the specialized techniques. Every body functions differently. That is why knowing your body and what’s good and bad for your body is important. It is a long-running process, start and observe the occurring changes in you. You have to be patient for this and have to maintain a record over a consecutive period of time. Having relevant knowledge about certain thing is a greatest blessing. You always strive to learn and dig it deeper. You should know more about how to exercise and how to keep yourself fit. There are some common facts which you should learn also some distinct facts which should be considered as every body type is different from one another. Seek knowledge which is good for you and you should know about it.
Good results come to those who sweat
Want to get good results? Then sweat, and best way to sweat is exercise. It is the core practice to stay fit. Exercise is not about lifting weights only. A good exercise has great blend of weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises.        Consult a fitness trainer for evaluating exercises as per your requirements of the body, either you want to build muscles or lean your body or burn fat. Try to keep exercising simple, over exercising can cause fatigue in your muscles, regularly stretch your muscles to prevent injuries. Do exercises properly, once you see results coming, you will get addicted to it and it will not feel fatigue then to do exercise. Following others and doing any exercise may lead you towards wrong direction and may cause serious damage internally. You should consult a fitness trainer and discuss about your routine and what you want to gain. Without consultancy it would be more like taking a risk. How can you risk your body and fitness? It’s good to exercise daily for a healthy lifestyle and start exercising. Even a little activity can save you from millions of diseases. These crunches, push ups, pull ups, core exercise and lunges along with abs workout will work with the balanced diet. It is believe that early exercise keeps you active throughout the day.
Healthy Diet
A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.
Believe it or not, but this quote greatly summed up the philosophe of fitness. You are what you eat. Healthy diet is the base of fitness. Keeping a diet healthy is not about boycott of some meals. It is about keeping a good balance between what we eat and what nutrition are required to strengthen our body. Importantly, take natural food, don’t rely on artificial food. Food is fuel to human body, intake of good fuel helps to increase the performance of body. Exercise without food is fruitless, it will lead you to starvation. Water consumption is more important, drink 8 – 10 glasses of water daily, take proteins, eat fruits and vegetables. Eat everything. Even if you’re fatty and striving to reduce weight. Eat after every couple of hours. Your body need food and nutrition for working and other activities. You should acquire a healthy diet and healthy routine. Add some beans, pulses, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and meat to your diet. Every single thing is essential for your body. It squeezes the proteins, nutrients, vitamins and excretes the rest of the items. Don’t worry about eating more.
Future is shaped by dreams, so stop wasting time and go to sleep
Never ever take these jokes seriously. But take your sleep seriously. As stated fitness is not only physical, but mental too. Best way to keep your mind fit is to sleep properly. 8 hours of sleep is essential to keep you active and energetic all day. Those who sleep more than 8-10 hours aren’t on the right path. Sleep influences your body and lifestyle too. Sleep makes your muscle rest and it in an anabolic state which allows it to restore the immune system and muscular system along with your moods and emotions. A human body may suffer with various sleeping disorders including dyssomania, insomnia, hypersomnia, sleep apnea, sleep walking and other relatable issues. It’s ideal to have a 8-10 hours of sleep not more or lesser than this. Nutritional choices and the things you acquire for your diet affects sleep largely. You need to get natural sleep which should be equal to an average tendency and you don’t need to take any pill for sleeping. Sleep is the indicator of well-being and overall health. There are many interferences in between while we are sleeping these includes alarm, energy drinks, sleeping pills, coffee and external lights. Eradicate the disturbances from your healthy sleep and keep your body healthy.
Make a routine
Organize your life around your dreams, and watch them come true
There is no doubt organizing your self is the key to success. Once you evaluate your exercises, food diet and sleep timings, then stick to that routine. Follow it properly, changing routines and having fun sometimes is acceptable. You need to know and follow the desired routine which leads you maintain a healthy lifestyle and an ideal life. Waking up early, drinking or consuming ample amount of water, setting important things for today, fixing timing for lunch and dinner, exercise properly, run, swim, gym, workout or anything related to health fitness activity. Shower daily or every alternate day. You should do something creative when you’re tired and start working right after waking up from the bed. You need to develop a daily routine and have a healthy breakfast as it keeps you active the entire day. You can observe where you stand and where you want to lead. It is you who will evaluate yourself. Make a routine of eating healthy, sleeping healthy, exercising, having breakfast, waking up early, and prioritizing things which are to be accomplished.  Sleeping early may help you leading a healthy life. You should try to indulge yourself in doing something creative while you feel bore and tired.
Don`t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done
After all we’re humans and get tired at some point. Only reason is because we are not motivated. Listen music, surround yourself with success stories, idealize your idols, and see your goals. Measure your fitness periodically. It will provide you a sense of accomplishment. Remember things take time to change, you’re on the right path of fitness, be patient. You are your own motivator. Making a habit of reading and going through some success stories, influential quotes and life lessons is a way better option. Motivation leads you towards success. You compare yourself with the input and output of others and you need to have an appreciation, good salary, rewards, and every intrinsic and extrinsic factors which helps you to grow. First step is to be satisfied with yourself and believe in yourself. If you believe in you, you can achieve anything you want to. You definitely need to have reasons for behaving in a certain way. Don’t just watch the clock and do what it does. You need to work hard for achieving your goals. Each day you wake up, you need to keep yourself motivated and you have to be energetic and hopeful for the rest of your day. Engage yourself in such activities in such activities which leads you to the highest level of satisfaction. Remember your mind is a powerful weapon, you need to fill it with positive thoughts and your life will start to change.
Eating Habits
You need to focus more on your eating habits. You should observe your eating habit and make yourself stick to a diet plan and act according to it. You should consume more amount of water. First thing you should do is to schedule time for your diet i.e. lunch and dinner. A healthy breakfast should also be a part of the plan. Prepare or eat healthy snacks for keeping yourself healthy and fit. Every body needs food for it to function properly. You might have an eating habit for so long that you don’t even realize how unhealthy they are such as fulfilling your craving at the middle of the night. How are you going to excrete when the food is not properly chewed, went to the stomach. It creates acidity and load towards your heart which may lead to a serious disorder or disease. Always keep healthy snacks with you whenever you feel like you’re little hungry. Your little hunger could easily be fulfilled by a light snack which is again healthy. You should then learn the difference between physical hunger or habitual eating. Create a journal and mark where you stand and how many plans have you accomplished. You are then going to analyze where does your body trigger and which stage of your eating habit should get improved.
Athletic performance
This is a thing which differentiates a couch potato and a fit person who have been following a diet plan and doing workout for staying in shape. A person might love certain foods but still have to give up on those because of some calories and typically a diet plan. The best thing about an athletic body is that they don’t diet. They consume every essential in a limited proportion. You should first listen to your body that what is the need. You should learn the secrets that what makes you energizing and what makes you low. You should focus on consuming a handful amount of calories instead of no calories. This will lead you towards the way of perfect body. Another attribute of an athletic body is that they find joy in exercising. You have to exercise it’s all about your mind. If you feel like you don’t need to exercise and you’re afraid of daily workout then you’re wrong. You need to correct your thinking and make yourself agree that you need to exercise for being fit. This doesn’t mean that you should start running in a rainy day.

Written by: Alizaay Waseem