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How To Make Your Day A Perfect Day

How To Make Your Day A Perfect Day
``Live simply, dream big, be grateful, give love, laugh lots`` (Paulo Coelho)
This quote beautifully summarizes all the ways through which we can make our day perfect. Researches have shown that more than 70% of people in today`s world suffer with depression, anxiety and other mental disturbances. People suffer from these disabilities because they fail to make their day perfect, by not achieving what they desired. Anyone can achieve what they want, they just need to make each task and day perfect, constantly. And if they fail someday, always remember there are more 364 days in the year waiting for you.
Some of the tips which can make your day a perfect one are as follow
Live Simply
To live simply, we must make a conscious choice every time. Live in reality, not in a fantasy world. Some people would love to live in the world of imagination which will lead them nowhere but dreams. Dreams should be realistic as goals. Embrace the simplicity by eating real food and leading a simple life. Your lifestyle movements should be simple and realistic. The simpler you are, the healthier and happier you`re tend to be. You`re less into luxuries and more into realistic approach when you are living simply. Avoid luxuries and complications and lead a prosperous happy life.
Be Present
Live in the present, not in past not in future. We can`t do anything that has already happen and can`t make sure about whatever we predict will happen as we say. Never regret and envision too much. Just focus on what you are doing now, where are you standing now and who are in your surroundings. Your past has nothing to do with your future, all you can pick from your past is learning and not to repeat the same mistakes again. Work in your present for making your future bright and successful. It is correctly said that ``the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war``.

Live Purposefully
The meaning of life must be to find your meaning of life. Have a purpose and goal in life. It helps you get in the right directions. The more you engage with meaningful life, the more you get reasons to live purposefully daily and get less disturbed by surroundings. Every day you wake up, you should have a vision and purpose in your mind. Life is given to you once, make huge benefit of it. Create opportunities for yourself and have a purpose of living. Engage yourself is such activities which pleases you and makes you feel satisfied and happiest. There should always be a purpose of your livelihood other than eating and sleeping.
Make Plans For Perfect Day
Perfect day is not about waking up on round luxury bed in your wood floored bungalow, getting a good breakfast, swimming afterwards, roaming around in sports car and then doing party late night. It is about doing what makes you happy. Take first step by jumping off from bed, plan your perfect day, set priorities, take first few steps and importantly, start all this from today. Doing it will lead to a perfect a day, and repeating it constantly will lead to a perfect life. Indulge yourself in such activities that leads you towards soul satisfaction. For having a perfect day you need you need to avoid all sort of stress and do things which makes you happy.
Do Less, Do Important
You don`t need to add everything you want in your planned schedule. Do things that influence your life in the long run. Doing many things will make you stressed out. Doing small and less things that plays important role in a major achievement is necessary. It will make you feel that you have accomplished something and will make your day a happy one. It`s not always necessary to do more, do little but that little could worth it. Highlight the important tasks which are to be done at first or create a priority list of the work which is supposed to be done. Tick the work which is done for today and create the list for other day.
Use Swiss Cheese Method
Swiss cheese method is all about cutting your larger projects into smaller ones and completing smaller task one by one and monitoring performance periodically. Whenever you get free time, spend it by working on a small task. Accomplishment of small task will lead to the accomplishment of a major task. Don`t burden yourself. You can do it in parts as well. It`s up to you how you`re going to complete the task. Create small tasks out of huge tasks and perform those frequently.
Have A Balanced Food Diet
You can`t control everything in life, but can control what you put in your body. A balanced diet satisfy your body needs that helps you perform more energetically and make you less tired and stressed. Most of us don`t acknowledge the importance of good diet for a perfect day. Good diet increases your productivity. For a perfect day and perfect life, you need to have proteins, nutrients, and vitamins in your diet. Make a diet plan and follow it accordingly for being healthy.
Go For A Walk
Exercise is important for your muscles and body to work properly. But people get exhaust with exercising if they don`t have passion for it. That is why I force to have a walk instead. Walking in an environment with calm, greenery surroundings and fresh air helps you feel more calm and relaxed. Just go out and enjoy the nature. Talking and observing the nature could fascinate you more than anything else.
Balanced Work And Private Life
A perfect day most importantly requires spending a quality time with your loved ones. Never work for ever, spend joyful time with your friends and family and make great memories. There should always be enough balance in work and home. You should have enough time to spend with your family and enjoy your time the most. These ravishing memories will never leave you alone.

Written by: Alizaay Waseem